Why Now is the Best Time to Visit our Marina

deep creek marina in the eveningWith spring weather in full effect in many parts of the country, there’s no better time to visit our gorgeous full-service marina. Though the temperature can still be a bit chilly here and there, the gorgeous late April weather is perfect for an outdoor wedding, gathering, or some much needed relaxation out on the open waters.

Deep Creek Landing is the perfect place to spend your next fishing getaway by yourself or with friends and family! Our full-service marina is equipped with everything you could possibly need to create an enjoyable trip. We offer a variety of boating services, from washing and waxing to on-site repairs so you’ll never have to worry about your boat’s condition. We offer a fueling station to fill up before you go back to fishing and our Ship’s Store is stocked full of snacks, drinks, and apparel to keep you fueled up and protected while out in the sun.

One of the best parts about visiting Deep Creek Landing is that we have modern, fully equipped cabins suitable for the entire family to stay. Now you can enjoy a relaxing weekend full of fishing and waterfront fun without needing to find a hotel far away from the water.

If you’re interested in staying at one of the marinas in Hampton, VA this spring, be sure to choose Deep Creek Landing! Call us today at (757) 877-9555 to reserve your stay.

Why You Should Choose Deep Creek Landing for Boat Maintenance

boat in dockBoating is a largely popular spring and summer hobby, but just like with cars and other motorized vehicles, boats will need regular maintenance and the occasional repair. At Deep Creek Landing, we have mechanics on hand who will happily repair or tune up your boat while you relax at our gorgeous facility.

When you dock your boat at our full-service marina, you’ll be able to receive services such as hauling, washing, waxing, outdrive and inboard repairs, and so much more. We have a fully supplied fuel dock and snack shop so you and your boat can re-fuel before you head back out on the open waters. If you’re in need of more serious repairs, we have extremely comfortable and updated rooms for you to relax in while we take the time to get your boat back into top shape.

If you’re in need of boat parts and accessories in Newport News, VA, we can take care of that too! Our on-site mechanics and parts supplier allows us to always be prepared for whatever issue your watercraft may be experiencing. Enjoy a relaxing weekend at Deep Creek Landing today by calling us at (757) 877-9555. For more information on our full-service marina and reception hall, visit DeepCreekLanding.com.

Book our Marina for Your Next Corporate Outing

reception room overlooking water

The Deep Creek Marina in Newport News is not just a great place for boaters and fisherman to hang their coats during recreational outings. Our full-service marina is fully equipped with waterfront banquet facilities that are perfect for your next corporate getaway or party! With a large luxury reception room and full-service kitchen, we’ll be able to easily accommodate your next corporate event.

Our facility is equipped with a gorgeous lawn and deck area that overlook the water, providing a serene getaway from the daily rise and grind. Our banquet facility is able to accommodate up to 120 people and has rooms available for those who will need or want to stay. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or putting on a celebratory theme event, Deep Creek Landing provides a stunning location that everyone in your company can enjoy.

We also have a variety of on-location picnic areas, so if the weather is simply too nice to be stuck in doors, you can throw an employee BBQ and enjoy the gorgeous waterfront scenery of Deep Creek. If you’re interested in booking our full-service marina for your next corporate event, fill out our appointment form online or call us at (757) 8777-9555 to book your reservations today!

Why You Should Have Your Wedding at a Marina

black and white bride and groom at a marinaThough boat lovers wouldn’t think twice about holding their wedding on the water, couples who rarely take to the water would be wise to consider such a gorgeous location for their special day. A marina wedding makes for a memorable event and if you reserve the right facility, you won’t have to spend the days leading up to your big day worrying about all of the fine details.

Incredible Photos

Couples who marry at the marinas in Hampton, VA are able to have some of the most dynamic, incredible wedding photos taken that will be shared for decades to come. Photos taken on the waterfront, along the docks, or on one of our boats look amazing printed and hung up on your wall as a memento of the big day.

Enjoy a Natural Setting

 If the weather cooperates – and hopefully it will on your big day – you and your guests can enjoy the beautiful outdoors during your ceremony and reception. At Deep Creek Landing, we have waterfront indoor facilities as well should anyone need to step inside to cool off or if the weather turns unfavorable.

Plenty of Space

No matter how many guests you have, whether it’s dozens or hundreds, our marina is spacious and has plenty of room so that guests do not feel cramped and confined during the festivities. Your guests can play games, dance, and take advantage of the fantastic buffet all within the same space without everyone stepping on each other’s toes.

How our Marina Can Be the Perfect Wedding Venue

Deep Creek Landing outdoor wedding ceremonyWhen you’re searching for wedding venues in Newport News, VA, our full-service marina can be the perfect option to celebrate your big day. Deep Creek Landing isn’t just a boat yard and fuel dock, but our venue also has stunning banquet facilities that can be a perfect fit to your spring or summertime wedding.

Our waterfront wedding venue has been rated one of the top places to host a wedding in the area and all of our exceptional staff will do their best to make your big day special. Our indoor facility contains a gorgeous reception room along with a full-service kitchen, so you and your guests will be served only the finest quality food. We have a beautiful lawn and deck area that can perfectly accommodate an outdoor reception or ceremony. Our entire facility can hold up to 120 people on your guest list.

By having your wedding at our full-service marina, your guests won’t have to go far between their rooms, to the ceremony, and then finally the reception. All of our cabins come equipped with clean restrooms and showers, laundry services, and picnic areas so you and your wedding party can have a relaxing weekend surrounding your big day.

For more information on one of the best wedding venues in Newport News, VA, contact Deep Creek Landing at (757) 877-9555 today!

Welcome to Deep Creek Landing’s Blog

Deep Creek Landing outdoor venueDeep Creek Landing is a full service marina located on the James River in Newport News, VA. Open 7 days a week all year long, our modern 80 slip venue is one of the most luxurious marinas in Hampton, VA! We offer a full service boating yard including painting, repairs, and hauling, and we also have an on-site motor repair shop. On top of our fantastic boating services, our marina is also perfect for waterfront weddings, corporate retreats, and many more events.

We started this blog to help promote all of the great things about Deep Creek Landing. We’ll offer boat maintenance tips, boating news, and a variety of ways you can utilize our venue for your next event right here on the blog. We’re dedicated to providing the absolute best services to all of our customers and we want to reflect that in the content we share with our customers.

Whether you need a quality place to dock your boat or are looking for the perfect wedding venue, Deep Creek Landing has everything you could possibly need, all in one stop! Our marina comes equipped with a large banquet room, waterfront deck, and relaxing greenery settings so you can have a small taste of paradise right here in Virginia. If you’re interested in booking your stay at Deep Creek Landing, contact us today at (757) 877-9555 or fill out the form on our website, DeepCreekLanding.com.