Carefree Boat Club at Deep Creek Landing

We are excited about our new partnership with Carefree Boat Club!

Here’s What 100% Carefree Boating Looks Like For You:

  • No Dock Fees or Insurance
  • No Cleaning or Maintenance
  • Unlimited Use (All Day, Any Day, Every Day!)
  • Boats are Fueled and Ready For You to Hop Onto
  • Full Dock Staff to Assist You
  • Pick Any Kind of Boat
  • Boat Year Round, Anywhere In the U.S.
  • Explore Waterways Near You
  • Safe: We Teach You How to Operate Each Boat
  • Reserve or Boat “Spur of the Moment
  • FREE Tours of Our Docks and Boats

Boating Without Owning… It’s About Time.™

Visit Carefree Boat Club to find out more or to join.

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