Why Choose Deep Creek Landing for Your Boat Maintenance?

Boating is a largely popular spring and summer hobby, but just like with cars and other motorized vehicles, boats will need regular maintenance and the occasional repair. At Deep Creek Landing, we have mechanics on hand who will happily repair or tune up your boat while you relax at our gorgeous facility.

When you dock your boat at our full-service marina, you’ll be able to receive services such as hauling, washing, waxing, outdrive and inboard repairs, and so much more. We have a fully supplied fuel dock and snack shop so you and your boat can re-fuel before you head back out on the open waters. If you’re in need of more serious repairs, we have extremely comfortable and updated rooms for you to relax in while we take the time to get your boat back into top shape.

If you’re in need of boat parts and accessories in Newport News, VA, we can take care of that too! Our on-site mechanics and parts supplier allows us to always be prepared for whatever issue your watercraft may be experiencing. Enjoy a relaxing weekend at Deep Creek Landing today by calling us at (757) 877-9555.

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