Why You Should Have Your Wedding at a Marina

Though boat lovers wouldn’t think twice about holding their wedding on the water, couples who rarely take to the water would be wise to consider such a gorgeous location for their special day. A marina wedding makes for a memorable event and if you reserve the right facility, you won’t have to spend the days leading up to your big day worrying about all of the fine details.

Incredible Photos

Couples who marry at the marinas in Hampton, VA are able to have some of the most dynamic, incredible wedding photos taken that will be shared for decades to come. Photos taken on the waterfront, along the docks, or on one of our boats look amazing printed and hung up on your wall as a memento of the big day.

Enjoy a Natural Setting

If the weather cooperates – and hopefully it will on your big day – you and your guests can enjoy the beautiful outdoors during your ceremony and reception. At Deep Creek Landing, we have waterfront indoor facilities as well should anyone need to step inside to cool off or if the weather turns unfavorable.

Plenty of Space

No matter how many guests you have, whether it’s dozens or hundreds, our marina is spacious and has plenty of room so that guests do not feel cramped and confined during the festivities. Your guests can play games, dance, and take advantage of the fantastic buffet all within the same space without everyone stepping on each other’s toes.

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